[spambayes-dev] A URL experiment

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Mon Jan 5 23:31:53 EST 2004

[T. Alexander Popiel]
> My mine_received_headers results (from last year) are up at
> http://www.wolfskeep.com/~popiel/spambayes/headers

Right.  We're doing this again because, quite recently, by-eyeball staring
at spam clues showed that the IP octets were being pasted together "from the
wrong end", so the code changed significantly.  Skip also added code to
synthesize a "may be forged" token if the Received headers say so.

> I haven't tested the new x-pick_apart_urls, but will do so
> if my machine lets me.

Well, we used to do death matches with 4,000 msgs total.  If you can try
just your most-recent 2K ham and 2K spam, that would be good enough.  Since
the 10-fold CV runs so far have shown universal "no harm" on each run, and
some remarkably signficant wins, I'm really just wondering whether anyone
has an email mix for which it's a disaster.

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