[spambayes-dev] Rebuilding Resources Question

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 7 16:46:15 EST 2004

Brendon Whateley wrote:
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> On Wednesday 07 January 2004 12:18 pm, Kenny Pitt wrote:
>> Brendon Whateley wrote:
>>> Can anyone tell me how to rebuild the "ui_html.py" resource from
>>> "ui.html" after modifying it?
>> You need to install "resourcepackage" from here:
>>     http://resourcepackage.sourceforge.net/
>> IIRC, the __init__.py in spambayes/resources is already set up to use
>> resourcepackage.  If ui.html is newer than ui_html.py, then
>> ui_html.py file should be regenerated automatically when you run
>> SpamBayes. 
> Thanks Kenny,
> That is what I was expecting to happen.  I had installed the resource
> package, but can't seem to be able to get it to build automatically. 
> Is there a manual way to do the resource build?  I am probably
> missing something very simple.

I'm afraid I'm not qualified to diagnose why resourcepackage isn't
working.  It always seems to work here, unless there is a step I do by
rote that I'm not thinking of at the moment.

The only thing I can suggest is to try deleting both ui_html.py and
ui_html.pyc and then running again.  Since the web ui can't run without
those files, you should get an error if they don't get generated.  This
would also force it to generate the files if for some reason it isn't
detecting the change to ui.html.

Kenny Pitt

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