[spambayes-dev] sb_server reads all config from current directory!?!

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Jan 27 02:21:21 EST 2004

> On Linux, sb_server.py reads all configuration &c from the 
> current directory, rather than the home directory.

Well, it's not just sb_server.py (or it shouldn't be, at least).  All the
scripts should be doing this consistently.  It (should) try to find a config
file in the BAYESCUSTOMIZE envar, or (failing that) called
[cwd]/bayescustomize.ini or ~/.spambayesrc, and if that fails, it defaults
to [cwd]/bayescustomize.ini.  (Note that there was a recent change that
meant that all paths are relative to this file, rather than to the cwd).

On Windows, if the process fails to find a config file, then (if win32all is
available) it defaults to a file in the user's "Application Data" directory,
instead of [cwd]\bayescustomize.ini.  Presumably, then, with linux it should
default to "~/.spambayesrc".  This is around line 1155 of Options.py.  (I'm
guessing this is right for OS X, as well).

> Can someone suggest a reason that I shouldn't fix this 
> misfeature?

+1 to making the change.

=Tony Meyer

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