[Spambayes] Upgrade problem

Just van Rossum just@letterror.com
Thu Nov 7 09:05:59 2002

François Granger wrote:

> Did you installed it on MacOS9 or MacOSX ?

OSX, with unix Python 2.3a. In a way it's too bad spambayes doesn't work with
2.2, so you can't use the Python shipped with 10.2. (In theory it might work
under OS9, but I've never had much luck with sockets in MacPython 2.x, but you
could try. It uses asyncore and not threading, so that's hopeful for 9.)


PS: the web interface of pop3proxy.py is pretty good and useful, the only
downside is that it saves the database after each training, which makes it hard
to train with a few messages: after each message you have to wait (up to 10
seconds on my machine with my database) before you can continue. Maybe an
explicit "Save database" button is an idea?

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