[Spambayes] New pop3proxy options

papaDoc papaDoc@videotron.ca
Wed Nov 20 21:00:34 2002

Hi Richie,

>>By the way I'm trying to use pop3proxy with Mozilla 1.1. [...]
>>I can't display the body I see only the Subject line.
>I'm not sure I understand this.  Are you talking about the web training
>interface, http://localhost:8880/review ?  You can't (yet) view the message
>bodies in there - clicking on the Subject line *shouldn't* do anything yet.
>>But when I look in the Inbox there are their with their body ?????
>So in your email client, as opposed to your web browser, you do see the
>whole message?  It sounds like it's working as intended - have I
>misunderstood something?

In http://localhost:8880/review as expected I only see the Subject 
(until someone makes linking to the real mail working ;-)  )

What I was trying to say is:

Using the mail tools provided with Mozilla 1.1 I see only the
Subject, Sender, Date when one mail is selected. Nothing in the
"body" window.

When I go into the directory where the mail is saved by Mozilla
c:/something/ and look into the file Inbox everything look OK.

Mozilla retreive the mail from localhost:110 and pop3proxy from

When Mozilla retreive the mail directly from pop.my_prodived.com:110
I have no problem.


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