[Spambayes] anyone going to the spam conference?

Matt Sergeant msergeant@startechgroup.co.uk
Mon Nov 25 16:48:32 2002

Neale Pickett said the following on 25/11/02 16:31:
> So then, Matt Sergeant <msergeant@startechgroup.co.uk> is all like:
>>I'm going, and I will be mentioning the spambayes project, and talking
>>about the algorithms involved.
> Oh cool.  Do you think your mention will be sufficient, or should I go
> ahead with volunteering a presentation devoted to spambayes?  I'll be
> giving one locally, so I'll be preparing a short talk in any case.

I don't know - there's not really much to the whole system if you think 
about it. While it's taken about two months to get here, the algorithms 
used (and the code involved) are still incredibly simple.

On the flip side my statistics skills aren't that hot, so if you grok 
the algorithms (like chi-squared) better than I do then you might be a 
better candidate to speak. Plus most of my talk focuses on the problems 
encountered when filtering at the network level for large companies, so 
you may want to hear more about the algorithms than the problems raised 
by the algorithms :-)

On the flip-flip side I think all the speaker slots are full :-)

> Looking forward to it (bring your PGP fingerprint!)

Keysigning's overrated. It wastes beer time :-)


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