[Spambayes] Some pop3proxy suggestions from a new user

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Apr 4 13:12:13 EST 2003

> He's using pop3proxy with Outlook Express, and 
> barring a few minor issues while setting it up it's working 
> fine for him.

Were the issues anything that might apply to others?  To get this moving
towards beta we need to have docs for any little things that come up.

> 1. The fact that the column headers (discard, defer, spam,
>    ham) on the review page are clickable wasn't obvious to
>    him. Checking, I see that this is mentioned, but maybe the
>    wording could be clarified a bit. Maybe something like "To
>    train on all messages in a section at one go, you can click
>    on the Discard / Defer / Ham / Spam title at the top of the
>    column, which will select that action for all messages in the
>    section"?

The wording is currently "Click one of the Discard / Defer / Ham / Spam
headers to check all of the buttons in that section in one go".  To me
this is fairly clear, and somewhat more concise than your version.  What
exactly do you think needs clarifying?

> 2. It would be nice to be able to "Classify a message" from the
>    review page, as well as by uploading a message file. Maybe
>    clicking on the message subject, or an explicit "Classify"
>    clink on the message line, could be added.

The subject is already a link to the message text itself, but it would
be simple enough to add a classify link (or 'show clues', since the
classification is already given).

I've done this; CVS-up and see if it matches what you/he was after.

> 3. Having experimented with training, he wanted to clear out
>    the training info and start again. I said that this was
>    just a matter of deleting the hammie.db file and the cache
>    directories, and then restarting the proxy. (a) is this right,
>    and (b) is it worth a way of doing this in the UI? (I suspect
>    the answer to (b) is "no", as it's rare to need this, and
>    dangerous if you do it by accident...)

The outlook plugin has an option to do a full-retrain, which is
more-or-less the same as this, except that the pop3proxy doesn't keep
messages to retrain on, of course.

It would be simple enough to add this, except for your (b) above.  Is
this worth doing?  I think I would weigh in on the 'no' side, but add
something to the docs (the FAQ perhaps) about how to do it manually.

=Tony Meyer

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