[Spambayes] imapfilter mangling headers!

Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Thu Apr 17 11:18:09 EDT 2003

4/17/2003 9:46:13 AM, Oliver Maunder <lists at olivermaunder.co.uk> wrote:

>Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions wrote:
>>Clearly we have a problem in training.
>Looks like it. Training was working for me a few days ago - so it must 
>be something pretty recent that's changed there, rather than being more 
>IMAP incompatibilities.

I found it.  It'll be fixed in the next checkin.

>Good to know. I can live with the exception for now - but I was worried 
>it might have something to do with the training problems. As for 
>migrating the training database - as it currently contains 0 messages, 
>that shouldn't be an issue ;-)

The only problem I've found that this exception causes (now that training is 
working), is that sometimes the system doesn't remember how it trained a 
message, and so it can get trained multiple times.  The reason it doesn't 
remember is because of the error in closing the dbm file, which is the point 
at which it is synced with the file.  They don't call it dumbdbm for 
nothing.... For testing, this probably isn't a problem, but for production 
work this simply won't work.

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