[Spambayes] More "spam of the future" lately?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Dec 17 01:33:12 EST 2003

> Is that checked in as a "standard albeit experimental" option yet?
> It should be.

[Matthew Dixon Cowles]
> It certainly hasn't been by me. The code I'm running is some that I
> hacked up just to see if it would work. It's not much integrated into
> SpamBayes; it's a separate module and the code that decides whether
> or not to run it is at a higher level.
> If folks would like me to clean it up and upload it to SourceForge,
> I'd be glad to.

There's a file urlslurper.py in the testtools directory that runs timtest or
timcv (can't recall which) doing this, which I wrote some time back to test
this out.  The results were fairly indeterminate.  I have an integrated
version, too, but only locally.

I'll check in the integrated version as an experimental option.  If you'd
like to take a look over it, comparing it to yours, and submit either a
patch or comments, that would be fantastic.

=Tony Meyer

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