[Spambayes] RE: Is this a sign of future problems ?

Robert K. Coe bob at 1776.com
Wed Dec 17 17:53:12 EST 2003

This may be beside the point, but even the most rudimentary grammatical analysis would nail that message immediately. That might increase the spammers' problem by a quantum or two, since the message was obviously generated by random selection from a dictionary, not excerpted from a piece of actual text.


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> Sorry, I don't follow this, unless you're presuming a TOE regime so careless
> that the user doesn't even correct classification mistakes.  If a user
> trains on spam messages as ham, then, sure, all sorts of horrid results can
> follow.  If I get a message like (this is easy, cuz I just got one exactly
> like this <wink>):
>     cake paleozoic immortal couscous devon advocacy
>     agriculture arbitrage couple census deceive psi dana
>     cremate ceremony physiotherapist haunch commissary transpacific frigid
>     bryophyta
>     Free CableTV!No more pay!&
>     stegosaurus bowfin egret throughout damsel wilful cometary dreamt
>     minsk throughput chastity [... on & on & on ...]
> and train on it as ham, there's something wrong with *me*.

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