[Spambayes] Server side filtering.

Tim Casey tcasey at ericksonaircrane.com
Tue Dec 23 21:42:08 EST 2003

I'm an administrator at a large company that uses an exchange server.  I
would like a spam filtering solution that is transparent to the user. Has
any of your group had experience setting up a mail relay that would filter
mail and then relay it to another email server?  The client side solution
works well but deployment, training, administration etc. would be a pain.
Here's my idea of a idea of a perfect world.

       Internet-----> Spamfilter / Relay ------>Firewall ----->Exchange
Server ----->Client ------
Junk Email    
V                                                                   I

Simply put I would like to set up a mail relay that would use spambayes and
forward to my Exchange server.  Once the client receives the email they
could send email to a junk file that would be polled by the Spamfilter /
Relay for training spambayes.  All mail on the Spam Filter deemed junk would
be reviewed by an administrator prior to deleting.  

Any suggestions?

Thank you,


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