[Spambayes] Spam Baes Question

Avi Jacobson avi-j at pacbell.net
Mon Dec 29 16:31:31 EST 2003

Hi, Mark.

>1- When email arrives it is sent into the Junk Email or Email suspect
>for review. In my folder list this is referenced at the bottom of my
>folders. Is there a way to move this to the top of my folder list view?

My low-tech solution for this would be to rename the folders ~Junk and ~Junk
Suspects, which would put them at the top of the list because of the
low-value ~ character.

>2- I have Outlook configured to "Notify me when new messages arrive"- When
>am asked if I would like to read the mail message I receive an error
>stating that the mail has been moved or deleted. Is there a way around

I have it play a Wav (but not display a notification) when new messages
arrive. The little envelope icon in the system tray will display even after
the unread messages have been moved to the Jun and Junk Suspects folders.

>3- Is there a way to have email that is deemed as Junk- In the Junk Email
>folder automatically purge, or Purge with prompting? Right now, I am
>manually deleting the mail in the folder.

You can set the AutoArchive options for that folder to autoarchive (or
delete) those items aggressively. But I like to save a couple hundred of the
most recent (incorporating the most recent spam tricks) in case I ever need
to retrain.

Best regards,
Avi Jacobson

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