[Spambayes] Need a bit of Advice from a most PLEASED user

Solovitz MSOLOVITZ at ucwphilly.rr.com
Tue Dec 30 15:04:51 EST 2003

SpamBayes Project,

	I am an independent programmer and Systems Analyst who was receiving over
66% JUNK (not all "officially SPAM), and Mark Hammond's program, SpamBayes,
has made IT life worth living again.  Thank you.
	I use it as an Outlook plug-in for Office 2000; on my workstation using
Windows XP professional.
	According to "sourceforge", I am using version 1.53

I have recently purchased Office 2003 System, and came to your site to make
certain it would work with Outlook 2003.
  It says to make sure I have all of the latest Windows updates, and "better
yet, upgrade to final version now available."

Where do I get the latest version?

It is most important to me that SpamBayes works in Outlook 2003 (not BETA),
so much so, that I would not install the Outlook 2003 program when I install
the Office 2003 System Suite.  I would prefer using Outlook 2000 with
SpamBayes, than Outlook 2003 without it !!!

Thank you very much,  And please respond to the following address ASAP:

ms at protovista.com

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