[Spambayes] Bad move, Apple

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Feb 6 11:45:24 EST 2003

Got this in today's Apple eNews mailing:

    5. Delivering a One-Two Punch to Spammers

    Yes, Mac OS X Mail can help you deliver a staggering blow to
    spammers. Simply pull down the Mail menu, choose Junk Mail, and
    select Automatic. The next time you receive email, Mail will 
    move suspect email into a Junk folder. 

    Now you're ready to deliver a real knockout punch to spammers
    by taking advantage of yet another potent spam-fighting weapon:

    1. Click on the Junk folder.
    2. Type Command-a to select all of the email in the Junk folder.
    3. Choose "Bounce to Sender" from the Message menu. 

    Mail will return the selected messages to the senders marked 
    "User unknown," making them think your email address invalid, 
    encouraging them to drop  you from their lists, and, thus, 
    eliminating spam at its source.




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