[Spambayes] ini file fumbling broke

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Feb 12 21:21:14 EST 2003

Someone recently decreed that all files mentioned in BAYESCUSTOMIZE must end
in ".ini" and modified Options.py (I named my customize file ~/hammie.opt).
Was this related to the embedded-spaces-in-paths problem?  Sumthin's gotta
give I think.  If spaces are common in filenames, we need to pick a better
separator.  (Or allow the separator to be platform-specific.)  On Unix
systems, ":" is a good path separator (but would be bad on MacOS < X
systems).  I think ";" is more common on Windows.  I don't think forcing
customize files to end in ".ini" is right.  Even one of the default files
searched for in Options.py is "~/.spambayesrc".



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