[Spambayes] ini file fumbling broke

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Feb 13 19:32:59 EST 2003

> If not, then 
> we'll have to comma separate or something like that.  The 
> wind'ohs way of 
> handling this is to double quote the filename if spaces are 
> embedded.  Doesn't matter to me, wasn't my itch in the first
> place... <wink>  -TimS

It was my itch (because my .ini is now stored in the 'correct' place on a Win2k system...)

So what about the spambayes/platform.py file that was talked about a while back gets implemented?

This would include a filename-seperator string, presumably defaulting to ":" (covering *nix and OSX), with ";" for Win* - maybe those that have implemented spambayes on their Amiga can tell us what characters are illegal in filenames there... :)

(Did the pre-X MacOS have any characters that were illegal in a filename apart from ":"?  I can't recall.  If not, then maybe "::" for these?)

Anyway, this is really a job for a developer, since a new file has to be created and not much else.  For the moment, even if platform-specific tests are spread throughout the code (like the stack size increment), it doesn't matter, they could be gradually moved to platform.py

My 2c.

=Tony Meyer

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