[Spambayes] Adding a message database

Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Wed Feb 26 07:16:06 EST 2003

2/26/2003 6:40:01 AM, "Mark Hammond" <mhammond at skippinet.com.au> wrote:

>> Yes, I do maintain a pickle of message ids and how they have been
>> trained.  It currently has four possible values: 'never classified',
>> 'classified', 'spam', 'ham'.  Spam and Ham values are set when a
>> message is trained as such.  Never classified value is set upon
>> first time initialization, due to some quirks in
>> how Notes makes its mail database available to the outside world.
>You didn't explain "classified" - how does this differ from "ham" or "spam"?

In Notes, I have no way to determine if I've ever looked at a message before.  
If I don't keep track of messages that have already been classified, I'll end 
up classifying the entire inbox each time I run the filter.  This is managed 
differently in the other parts of Spambayes, because the presence/absence of 
X-Spambayes-Classification header carries that information.  In notes, I 
cannot add headers...

>> >Specifically, for (2), I would change learn to:
>> learn *could* be altered to manage unlearning as well.  This removes a
>> headache for a lot of code.  Just learn-and-move-on.  Something to this
>> effect:
>This does sound appealing.  I have a vague objection I can't qualify, so if
>no one else can either, I can live with it <wink>.

I'm kinda with you on the vague objection, but I see this code springing up 
all over the place... just seems like a valid/useful thing to do.
>Note however that I am proposing a "tri-state" value - "spam", "ham" or
>None.  How your "classified" fits into this may be a problem.

We can cross this bridge if we get to it... :)


c'est moi - TimS

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