[Spambayes] what else is needed for a first (source) release?

FrançoisGranger francois.granger at free.fr
Tue Jan 14 23:30:22 EST 2003

At 17:05 +0000 14/01/2003, in message Re: [Spambayes] what else is 
needed for a first (source, Richie Hindle wrote:

>     o The Eudora problem.  This is nasty - I think we'll end up with a
>       compromise here (as proposed by Jeremy) because I don't see a clean
>       solution out there.  (See
>       http://mail.python.org/pipermail/spambayes/2002-November/002054.html
>       for an explanation of why combining the hostname and the username is
>       not a perfect solution).

The solution given by Tony Lownds of two loopback adresses does not 
works on MacOS 9 either. I shortly tested it today at work.

I will be testing it at home on MacOS X soon.

I would say that giving a "complex login" like proposed earlier could 
be the only  solution for Eudora MacOS 9. (Not that I care now that I 
switched to X ;-)

server1 = francois.granger:free at, pop.free.fr:110
server2 = francois.granger:lap, pop.laposte.net

In Eudora, you put a login of francois.granger:free and a server at, pop3proxy remove the :free and use the pop.free.fr as mail 
server. It is not much more that what is already needed, and it don't 
have the problem above.

Easy to say. I don't know how much changes in the code is needed.

Recently using MacOSX.......

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