[Spambayes] Success and failure

Tony Lownds tony-bayes at lownds.com
Sat Jan 18 12:08:03 EST 2003

>On MacOS X, it seems that pop3proxy _must_ run with sudo. Is there 
>any other possibility to launch it ?

Superuser privileges are always needed to bind to any port below 1000 
on Unix. Are you binding to port 110?

You can work around this by a) binding to a port above 1000 and b) 
configuring Eudora to connect to that port instead of port 110. 
You'll need the "Esoteric Settings" Eudora plugin installed to make 
that change.

>[fbg:/volumes/OS99/spambayes-2003-01-17] fgranger% sudo python pop3proxy.py
>Loading database... Done.
>Listener on port 110 is proxying pop.nerim.net:110
>User interface url is http://localhost:8880
>Segmentation fault

Did it segfault after you asked it to train messages? Raising the 
stack size allocated to new process before starting pop3proxy will 
fix this. Mac OS X has a rather small stack size by default.

Try running "limit stacksize 2048" before starting pop3proxy.py

BTW, I've updated the patch for binding to a specific address and 
posted it to Sourceforge: #670417


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