[Spambayes] I did something stupid...

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Jan 24 15:35:37 EST 2003

> Looking a little closer at addin.py, it looks like I was 
> doing something
> you were trying to prevent (461-464):
>    [...temporary Toolbars...]
>    # Maybe we should consider making them permanent - this would then
>    # allow the user to drag them around the toolbars and have them
>    # stick. The downside is that should the user uninstall this addin
>    # there is no clean way to remove the buttons.  Do we even care?

Mark, could the unregister code not delete any permanent buttons?  Along the same lines, why does the addin not show up in the COM add-ins list in the Outlook prefs?  (Tools->Options->Other->Advanced->COM Add-ins) - is this because it's a python scripts and not an .exe or .dll?  Is this just a packaging issue?

> Also, at 395, the name of the Toolbar is named explicitly:
>   toolbar = bars.Item("Standard")
> whereas the second line of toolbar buttons is normally called
> "Advanced", and the user could obviously have created custom toolbars
> named anything they choose (not sure if this is relevant...)

I *think*, from looking at addin.py that this would still be needed even if they became permanent - they would default to the "Standard" toolbar (they have to start somewhere!).


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