[Spambayes] Another example

FrançoisGranger francois.granger at free.fr
Fri Jan 24 09:39:21 EST 2003

Inside the attached archive, there are two versions of the same mail. 
All mail with issues come from the same mailing list. The list 
software is Sympa: <http://www.sympa.org/>. All of these mail come 
throught the same pop server: pop.laposte.net. i'll try to get them 
through another pop server to see if it makes any differences.

The current status of pop3proxy is as follow:

POP3 proxy running on,,,, proxying to pop.nerim.net:110, pop.free.fr:110, 
altern.org:110, pop.laposte.net:110.
Active POP3 conversations: 0.
POP3 conversations this session: 457.
Emails classified this session: 31 spam, 1187 ham, 32 unsure.
Total emails trained: Spam: 120 Ham: 77

The terminal displayed:

adding message 1043357721 to corpus
placing 1043357721 in corpus cache
adding 1043361256 to corpus
storing 1043361256
adding message 1043361256 to corpus
placing 1043361256 in corpus cache
adding 1043361257 to corpus
storing 1043361257
adding message 1043361257 to corpus
placing 1043361257 in corpus cache
adding 1043361262 to corpus
storing 1043361262

The "Eudora.txt" one is a copy and past from the Eudora mbox file.

The "1043361257" is the file that pop3proxy stored in his folder 
before I review it.

There is really something wrong here. I guess that the email module 
has still some issues with the Microsoft XML format ? ....
And file storage should be done with the raw data ?
Recently using MacOSX.......-------------- next part --------------
Skipped content of type multipart/appledouble

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