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Tim Stone - Four Stones Expressions tim at fourstonesExpressions.com
Wed Jan 29 10:36:43 EST 2003

1/29/2003 10:21:04 AM, Neale Pickett <neale at woozle.org> wrote:

>Hokay.  I gave a talk on SpamBayes at work the week before the spam
>conference, and now all these people are hopping up and down wanting to
>run it.  One of our more tenacious tech writers installed the bugger and
>hit me with a list of suggestions, which I said I'd pass on to you fine
>folks.  So here you are.  Please excuse me if any of these are already
>solved--she pulled down the released copy on our web page AIUI.
>* In her words, "When you filter to an online folder, SpamBayes
>  automatically disables filtering when you connect offline. What I
>  would like is that when I reconnect, SpamBayes should automatically
>  reenable filtering and run it against those folders. Now I have to do
>  this manually."
>* She says that the plugin is definitely not filtering public folders.
>* Apparently Outlook comes with a "Junk Email" folder.  Instead of
>  telling folks to create a "Spam Certain" folder, just have the plugin
>  default to sending spam into the Junk folder where folks are used to
>  filtering their spam already.
>* She feels end-users need more education about what "spam-possible"
>  means.
>* The sliders in the configuration window should have tick marks.
>* In the anti-spam dialog box:
>  o  Enable filtering checkbox should be below filters, since you have
>     to enable filtering before you can mess with the filters.

Leave it to a tech writer....

>  o  The filters box needs a scrollbar, for those with a ton of folders
>     to filter so you can see the text.
>* Add a "spam column" in the anti-spam pulldown, so it's easy to add a
>  new "spam %" column in the current folder view.
>* She suggested deleting from public folders should go into a public
>  spam folder.
>And finally the one I find most intriguing:
>* All outbound mail should be trained as ham
>I really like this last one.  I don't know if anyone's ever thought of
>training on outbound mail before.

I made this suggestion a long time ago, and the powers-that-be decided it was 
decidedly useless.  Don't quite remember why... - TimS

>Anyhow, that's all.  For the time being, feel free to use me as a
>go-between.  I may demand she join this list if I have to relay too
>much, though :)
>Oh, and by the way, she really digs the Outlook plugin.  Like, her
>diggatude is off the charts, that's how much she digs it.
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