[Spambayes] Outlook Plugin

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Jun 5 20:17:29 EDT 2003

> Yep IMAP. Sorry should have mentioned that. Grabbed the CVS
> and it hasn't
> changed except for the
> "Still (possibly) atempting to move this message though..."
> after the save error. Actually not sure that any spam has
> come through
> though..

Are you still seeing exceptions in the log since the CVS update?  If so, you
have may at least "unsure", and it is still failing.  I will back that
change out.  (I think that hotmail works if I do 2 saves - I must track that
down).  Your traceback seemed different to that one tho - you weren't
getting to the "Save" (but you will be now)

> The worst part is manually it all works ie "Delete As Spam" works if I
> manually score or filter it all works.

That is strange - Delete as Spam does the same move.

> Also Anthony (Baxter) thought I should mention that last month I did a
> manual uninstall of the binary plugin and it deleted most of
> my C:\progra~1\
> directory. I can't remember the details but think it was installed to
> c:\progra~1\spambayes can't remember what I selected in the
> un-installer.

That certainly is strange.  It is certainly the first such report.

> have attached the log from the cvs install fyi. Let me know
> if you need
> anymore details about my
> env.

hrm - not really.


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