[Spambayes] who create new binary install from CVS ?

Brandis Jaroslav jaroslav.brandis at softec.sk
Wed Jun 18 16:20:35 EDT 2003

I've got MH installer and sources from CVS. I would like compile new
binaries . I Read readme.txt and then run 
py  spambayes_addin.spec

Output is here :
checking Analysis
building Analysis because out0.toc non existent
building out0.toc
Analyzing: c:\temp\cvs\installer/support/_mountzlib.py
Analyzing: c:\temp\cvs\installer/support/useUnicode.py
Analyzing: spambayes_addin.py
W: pythoncom is changing it's name to pythoncom22
W: pywintypes is changing it's name to PyWinTypes22
Syntax error in
('invalid syntax', (None, 91, 44, '        except pythoncom.com_error,
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\temp\cvs\installer\Build.py", line 759, in ?
  File "c:\temp\cvs\installer\Build.py", line 40, in build
    exec open(spec, 'r').read()+'\n'
  File "<string>", line 36, in ?
  File "c:\temp\cvs\installer\Build.py", line 76, in __init__
  File "c:\temp\cvs\installer\Build.py", line 58, in __postinit__
  File "c:\temp\cvs\installer\Build.py", line 146, in assemble
  File "C:\temp\cvs\installer\mf.py", line 360, in analyze_script
    return self.analyze_r('__main__')
  File "C:\temp\cvs\installer\mf.py", line 280, in analyze_r
    newnms = self.analyze_one(name, nm, imptyp)
  File "C:\temp\cvs\installer\mf.py", line 314, in analyze_one
    mod = self.doimport(nm, ctx, fqname)
  File "C:\temp\cvs\installer\mf.py", line 373, in doimport
    mod = parent.doimport(nm)
  File "C:\temp\cvs\installer\mf.py", line 495, in doimport
    mod = self.subimporter.getmod(nm)
  File "C:\temp\cvs\installer\mf.py", line 197, in getmod
    mod = owner.getmod(nm)
  File "C:\temp\cvs\installer\mf.py", line 55, in getmod
    co = compile(open(py[0], 'r').read()+'\n', py[0], 'exec')
  File "<string>", line 91
    except pythoncom.com_error, details
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Any advice ? or Has anyone binary isntalation from june CVS 


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