[Spambayes] Outlook Quirk/Bug

Hanson, Ben BenHanson at borough.kenai.ak.us
Thu Jun 26 11:35:19 EDT 2003

Something to add to the troubleshooting doc for Windows users.  


Outlook has been shutdown to install SpamBayes, or maybe it's still running.
User installs Spambayes, follows guide and looks for the SpamBayes icon in
the standard toolbar.  Icon isn't there!  User quits Outlook and reinstalls.
Restarts.  Still not there!


As is often the case with Office 2000, sometimes a rogue instance of
Outlook/Word/Excel will still be running in the background.  Open up task
manager and make sure all instances of Outlook.exe are gone.  If you see one
and no Outlook/Message windows are up, kill it.  Reinstall SpamBayes.  All
is good.

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