[Spambayes] Load-limiting

Gary Benson gary at inauspicious.org
Tue Sep 2 12:17:07 EDT 2003

Hi all,

After a rare evening with my firewall off, the amount of mail I'd
built up was enough to bring my mailserver to its knees with
hammiefilter processes.  To stop it from happening again I've put a
lock in my .procmailrc so that only one hammiefilter can run at one
time [1], but I was wondering if SpamBayes has any more sophisticated
load limiting built into it.

Alternatively, has anyone considered writing a SpamAssassin-style
client-server interface for SpamBayes?  I was thinking, and rather
than having a single daemon running as root, it would be nice to have
something similar to what many GNOME applications do -- the first
instance runs as normal, and subsequent instances hand off execution
to the first.  Saves all that messy suid stuff, but I have no idea how
you'd do such a thing.  A named pipe in your home directory?


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[1] Oh, the recipe is this, if you're interested:

  :0 fw: $HOME/.hammiefilter.lock
  | hammiefilter

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