[Spambayes] Reinstallation trouble

Quackenbush, John johnq at tigr.org
Tue Sep 2 12:37:59 EDT 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

I installed the SpamBayes Outlook AddIn a few weeks ago and was extremely
happy with it. Then I ended up traveling and using a dial-in connection
about the time our server got nailed by SoBig.F. The traffic was so heavy
that the only way I could get Outlook to read anything was to disable
SpamBayes. When I tried to reinitialize it, the menu was still visible, but
it did not seem to do anything.

I read the troubleshooting guide and tried everything listed there in an
attempt to correct the problem. Nothing worked - the menu was still there,
but it did not seem to function.

When I returned to work, I hoped SpamBayes would work. It did not. So I
tried to uninstall it, download a new copy, and reinstall it. When I did
this, the SpamBayes menu bar failed to appear. I tried using all the
troubleshooting tips you suggest, including deleting the outcmd.dat file, to
no avail.

I figured the problem might be that some of the old messages had spam scores
set while others did not, tried cleaning up the mailbox, uninstalling and
reinstalling SpamBayes. When the menu failed to appear, I went through all
of the troubleshooting suggestions again, to no avail.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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