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Peter Beckman beckman at purplecow.com
Wed Sep 3 00:07:13 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2 Sep 2003, Ryan Malayter wrote:

> From: Ed Rubinsky [mailto:edrubins at mindspring.com]
> > EMACS comes with a pyhon mode and costs $139
> > less than MultiEdit. It is available under Windows.
> I'm one of the many who have used emacs while hating it (around 1992 on
> solaris), then grew to love it (circa 1996), then started to hate it
> again (circa 1999).

Vim rocks.  I started using it in 1992 and haven't grown to hate it since.
All sorts of contextual highlighting, available in windows, linux, freebsd,
solaris, hell pretty much everything.

Note I say VIM -- not vi.  It's VI iMproved. Much better than normal vi.


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