[Spambayes] General configuration to change location of database

Mark Hammond mhammond at keypoint.com.au
Thu Sep 4 09:48:23 EDT 2003

> I've just confirmed this problem with version 007 of the plug-in on my
> own system (Windows XP sp1, Outlook 2002 SP2), and have reported it as
> bug # 799245 on the Sourceforge site.
> Incidentally, Alka, what is your limit for roaming profiles at Purdue?
> We use 30 MB here, and have very little trouble. People still
> occasionally leave giant files on their desktops, but in general
> everyone knows not to do that sort of thing by now.

I just added the following comment to that bug:

Note that the data should go in a file called "default_configuration.ini".
I am fairly sure this works, as when it was first released a number of
people had problems with the feature - eg, some people found we prevented
spaces or $ as appearing in the filename.  Also, SpamBayes had a bug in that
if the default directory had an extended character, SpamBayes would also
fail to work.  A number of people reported a reasonable work around was to
specify the data directory to be a name with only ascii characters.

If you still believe this a bug, please give exact details of what you tried
- the fully qualified name of the ini file you edited, the complete contents
of that file, and the complete contents of the log.  If you do this, please
also reopen the bug.

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