[Spambayes] Questions

doug.cogswell at advizorsolutions.com doug.cogswell at advizorsolutions.com
Thu Sep 4 09:40:51 EDT 2003

Just downloaded and installed the SpamBayes Outlook 2000 plug-in.  Several
1.  Do I periodically need to "retrain" the system, or does it learn
automatically in real time as I move messages in and out of my spam folder?
2.  Can I periodically clean out the spam folder, or does the system need
the history to maintain its scoring and learning?
3.  When I disconnect from the network (I use a laptop), will the system
catch the spam when I log back on?  E.g., does it take a pass through the
outlook inbox when i come back on the network?  If so, what trigger this --
re-opening outlook, or just the fact that i come back on a network?

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