[Spambayes] Big changes to cvs

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Sep 5 14:05:58 EDT 2003

If you don't use spambayes from cvs, you can ignore this.

The major changes discussed on spambayes-dev for the 1.0a6 have been
started.  For those who haven't read that thread, this includes renaming and
moving the majority of the scripts (just about everything in the root
directory), and removing backwards compatibility code from the configuration
file reading.

This means that your system *will* break when you upgrade from cvs.  At the
very least, you'll need to update your system to use the renamed scripts.
At the moment, if you use "setup.py install", all the old scripts will still
be there.  We'll get something together soonish to remove them.

Hopefully, removing the backwards compatibility code from the options won't
break of the scripts.  I can't test everything, though, so I'll only be
'certain' about sb-imapfilter, sb-server (ex pop3proxy), sb-smtpproxy,
timtest and timcv working.  If people could check the scripts they use, that
would be great.

If you are using old names for options in your configuration script, they
won't work any more (they have been deprecated for some time now).  There is
a script in 1.0a5 that will convert them for you, or you can do it by hand.

If things break too bad for you, please use the 1.0a5 release (or cvs with
the 1.0a5 release tag).  That's why the releases are so close together.

Thanks for the help!

=Tony Meyer

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