[Spambayes] how spambayes handles image-only spams

Ryan Malayter rmalayter at bai.org
Fri Sep 5 11:23:42 EDT 2003

From: Coe, Bob [mailto:rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV] 
> Actually, I think the Outlook default is 
> RTF, an idiosyncratic Microsoftian compromise 
> format that combines most of the drawbacks of 
> plain text with the disadvantages of HTML.

I think RTF was the default for Outlook 97, 98, and perhaps 2000. But I
think Outlook 2002 (i.e. Outlook XP) defaults to HTML.

But anyway, Exchange server converts RTF messages bound for the internet
to HTML by default, so the end result of the default settings is still a
lot of HTML ham coming from Outlook/Exchange shops.


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