[Spambayes] RE: imapfilter.py

Rafael Scholl rafael.scholl at bbox.ch
Sat Sep 6 13:30:14 EDT 2003

> > I can start the web interface and set the configuration
> > options without running into any problems (although the names
> > of my IMAP folders are garbled).
>You're probably using 1.0a4, right?  1.0a5 was just released and one of the
>bugs it fixes is to do with displaying the folder names - hopefully this
>would fix that.

Where do I find that?

I tried sourceforge.net and found a new code, as far as I can tell. When I 
try to run it, however, it stills calls itself "Alpha 1, version 0.01 (May 
2003)" (see below), and I get this error:

C:\Program Files\Python23\Scripts>imapfilter.py -b
SpamBayes IMAP Filter Alpha1, version 0.01 (May 2003),
using SpamBayes IMAP Filter Web Interface Alpha1, version 0.01
and engine SpamBayes Beta2, version 0.2 (July 2003).

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "C:\Program Files\Python23\Scripts\imapfilter.py", line 803, in ?
   File "C:\Program Files\Python23\Scripts\imapfilter.py", line 735, in run
     classifier = storage.open_storage(bdbname, useDBM)
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'open_storage'

> > When I try to run a training session (with "Deleted Items" set as
> > the folder that contains spam for training) I get this message:
> >    File "C:\PROGRA~1\Python23\lib\imaplib.py", line 616, in select
> >      raise self.readonly('%s is not writable' % mailbox)
> > imaplib.readonly: Deleted Items is not writable
> >
> > I get the same error regardless of which folder I try to use
> > for training.
>There was another message from someone with this same error just recently,
>although I hadn't heard of it until then.  To me, it looks like you (with
>the username/password in the config file) don't have permission to write to
>that folder.  imapfilter needs to be able to write to all the folders that
>it uses.  If you login (using the same username/password) to the account in
>your normal mail client, are you able to make changes (add a message, for
>example) to these folders?

I'm using Eudora as a mail client. I can compose a message and store it in 
my local Out Folder, then transfer it to the Deleted Items (there's no 
option to save a message directly to an imap folder in Eudora). When it's 
there, I can open the message. I can delete it, too. I can't tell if this 
means I have writing permission.

I've approached my sysop with this problem. He says that only the server 
has the permission to write to the imap folders. This sounds to me as 
though my Eudora were talking to some sort of interface which relays 
commands to the server without having any writing permissions itself. 
Unfortunately, I'm completely ignorant of the inner workings of the imap 

Thanks for your help!

Rafael Scholl  

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