[Spambayes] Newbie questions on XP

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Tue Sep 9 19:00:03 EDT 2003

> What does this error message mean?
>   File "C:\spambayes\spambayes-1.0a5\spambayes\ProxyUI.py", 
> line 492, in _makeMessageInfo
>     text = text.replace(' ', ' ')      # Else they'll be quoted
> AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'replace'

Does this happen with any messages?  (i.e. if you clear out the cache
directories, does it immediately happen?).  I'll check in a fix for
this, but I'm not sure I see why 'text' is ending up as None.  Could you
post a copy of a message that crashes it like this?

> I would love to be able to foreward messages to 
> spambayes_ham at localhost and spambayes_spam at localhost but they 
> do not work.  If any one wants to take a look at my system I 
> am running VNC or maybe the XP remote could be used.

Your message looked like it was written in Outlook Express; is this the
case?  OE will not work with the SMTP proxy, because it won't forward
the headers of the messages.  You could use it manually, I suppose:
 * right click on the message, choose 'properties'
 * click the 'details' tab
 * scroll down until you find a "X-Spambayes-ID" header
 * select that line and press control-c
 * press 'cancel'
 * compose a new message to spambayes_ham or spambayes_spam
 * paste the line that was copied into the subject
 * send

It's a fair bit of effort, though.  Your best hope (IMO), is the
forthcoming spambayes application that will let you drag mail to be
trained into a (provided) folder, within OE (or other mail clients).
It's still in development, but should be ready for (alpha) release soon.

=Tony Meyer

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