[Spambayes] Error in classifier.py?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Sep 10 16:28:10 EDT 2003

    >>> whichdb.whichdb(r"c:\program files\python23\scripts\hammie.db")

That's what I figured.  Note that some bugs related to storage have been
fixed in the past few weeks.  You might want to try 1.0a5 if you're not up
to that rev yet.

    Martin> I made the change you suggested and renamed the database.
    Martin> Working fine so far.  Thanks.

    Martin> P.S. I didn't post this reply to the list.  If that's wrong, let
    Martin> me know.

Not wrong, but when you're trying to solve a problem it helps to get more
than one perspective instead of just that of the first wacko to reply. ;-)
In particular, others appear to be much better at remembering that "the
database transmogrification bug was fixed in version 3.14159 of


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