[Spambayes] Error in pop3proxy

papaDoc papaDoc at videotron.ca
Wed Sep 17 15:47:36 EDT 2003


Today I got the same error message that these two emails describe
Message sent the 26/05/2003: [Spambayes] web interface: 500 Server error 
when training
Message sent the 06/08/2003: [Spambayes] Day 1 stack trace

      500 Server error

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "C:\Devtools\SPAMBA~1\SPAMBA~1.0A5\spambayes\Dibbler.py", line 453, in found_terminator
    getattr(plugin, name)(**params)

  File "C:\Devtools\SPAMBA~1\SPAMBA~1.0A5\spambayes\ProxyUI.py", line 395, in onReview
    message = spambayes.mboxutils.get_message(cachedMessage.getSubstance())

  File "C:\Devtools\SPAMBA~1\SPAMBA~1.0A5\spambayes\Corpus.py", line 349, in getSubstance
    return self.hdrtxt + self.payload

  File "C:\Devtools\SPAMBA~1\SPAMBA~1.0A5\spambayes\Corpus.py", line 296, in __getattr__
    raise AttributeError, attributeName

AttributeError: hdrtxt

I was reviewing my email in pop3proxy web interface and at the same time I received an email.
When I try to train I got the above error message.

I'm using the pop3proxy from 1.a5
SpamBayes POP3 Proxy Beta2, version 0.2 (September 2003),
using SpamBayes POP3 Proxy Web Interface Alpha3, version 0.03
and engine SpamBayes Beta2, version 0.2 (July 2003).

Note to Richie Hindle: You wanted a copy of pop3proxy-unknown-cache I don't know if you still want
it ?


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