[Spambayes] spambayes comment

Ryan Malayter rmalayter at bai.org
Thu Sep 18 19:06:24 EDT 2003

From: Dennis Buettner [mailto:dennis at usbdt.com] 
> 1. When I select "Recover from SPAM", I 
> believe it would be efficient to have 
> SpamBayes analyze the content/sender of 
> the email and then remember it for the 
> next time. I have a certain "list" email 
> that is consistently sent to the spam 
> folder and the program never seems to 
> learn that I want these emails.

SPamBayes already does this. When you recover from spam, statistics from
that message are entered into the training database. If you could post
your "show spam clues" report to the list, we might be able to figure
out why the messages aren't being let through. Perhaps you accidentally
maked some other messages from that list as spam.

> I owe you a beer.

Not me, I didn't write it, I just use the thing. But if you're buying


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