[Spambayes] 1.06a Upgrade

William Trenker wtrenker at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 21 05:51:32 EDT 2003

On Sat, 20 Sep 2003 22:16:43 +0000
William Trenker <wtrenker at shaw.ca> wrote regarding [Spambayes] 1.06a Upgrade:

> When I install 1.06a will these existing data folder / file names still work with the new sb_server.py script?

Looks like I've answered my own question.  Inspection of Options.py shows that the pre-1.06a folder and file names are still being used.  Eg:

    ("spam_cache", "Spam cache directory", "pop3proxy-spam-cache",
     """Directory that SpamBayes should cache spam in.  If this does
     not exist, it will be created.""",


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