[Spambayes] Messages fail to filter

Peter Strisik lists at strisik.com
Mon Sep 22 14:51:48 EDT 2003

New to Spambayes (Outlook plugin .81) myself.  I found that my messages
didn't filter automatically until I _deselected_ the processing delay.
Also, I notice that there is nothing in message headers that reflects
Spambayes activity even though messages are being scored and filtered!


On Monday, September 22, 2003 9:46 AM, Ryan Malayter <> wrote, 
at least in part:

> From: Rick Reid [mailto:Rick.Reid at uk.anker-systems.com]
>> I trained with about 100 spam and 900+ ham.
>> I can certainly collect a lot more spam if
>> that's what's required.
> First of all, I have my system trained on 2800 spams, and about 6000
> hams. Basically, you need enough spams so that nothing appears too
> "new" to the filter. Still, you should be getting some filtering with
> a 100 spam training set, and spambayes should automatically filter.   
>> When I use the manual option either to score
>> or score & filter, it seems to do so almost
>> perfectly. So why doesn't it do this automatically
>> when mail arrives in my inbox? I have 'enable
>> Spambayes' checked.
> Did you try adding a processing start delay (say 10 seconds) on the
> advanced tab of the spamBayes manager? Perhaps Outlook's running of
> its rules is stepping on SpamBayes.  
> Also, make sure your Inbox folder is one of the "monitored" folders,
> and that your thresholds aren't set too high. Your filtering tab of
> SpamBayes Manager should look something very much like this:
> http://malayter.com/SpamBayesSettings.gif   
> Regards,
> 	Ryan

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