[SPAM] [Spambayes] Starting as a Win2k service again?

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Tue Sep 23 00:02:30 EDT 2003

> Can you point me to the part in the FAQ that talks about 
> starting as a service in Win2k???  I couldn't find it.
> Do I go to Administrative Tools?  Then what?

You need to run "windows\pop3proxy_service.py -install", and then you
can start it however you want.  You can do it manually, or set it to
start automatically by going to Administrative Tools and then Services
(this is XP, I guess 2k is the same), or do "net start pop3proxy" in a
console window, or "windows\pop3proxy_service.py start".

(Note that the "windows" directory here is the one in the spambayes
directory, not the one with all the MS Windows stuff).

=Tony Meyer

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