[Spambayes] I Can't Install the POP3 Proxy In Windows XP

Keith Russell usr7-28hl at xemaps.com
Thu Sep 25 22:52:48 EDT 2003

Hi, everyone.

I'm sorry, but I'm really lost here. I looked through this month's
archives and didn't find a discussion of my problem, and couldn't find
a way to search the archives....

I downloaded and installed Python-2.3.1.exe and win32all-157.exe. I
then downloaded and unzipped spambayes-1.0a6.zip. I next tried to
install SpamPayes for POP3 by following the instructions in the readme
file. I have copied the relevant passages below:

For the Really Impatient

If you get your mail from a POP3 server, then all you should need to do
to get running is change your mail client to send and receive mail from
"localhost", and then run "python sb_server.py -b" in the directory you
expanded the SpamBayes source into.  This will open a web browser window
- click the "Configuration" link at the top right and fill in the various


The first thing you need to do is run "setup.py install" in the directory
that you expanded the SpamBayes archive into.  This will install all the
files that you need into the correct locations.  After this, you can
delete that directory; it is no longer required.

POP3 Proxy


Now launch pop3proxy, either by running the "pop3proxy_service.py" script
(for those using Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows XP), or the
"sb_server.py" script (for everyone else).

Okay.... So, to install SpamBayes, am I supposed to follow the
instructions under "For the Really Impatient", those under
"Installation", or either,
or both?

When I ran "python sb_server.py -b" from "the directory I expanded the
SpamBayes source into", I got the following error:

Can't open file 'sb_server.py'

So I then ran the command from the scripts subdirectory, where
sb_server.py was located. This gave the following error:

File "sb_server.py, line 100, in ?
import spambases.message
Import Error: No module named spambayes.message

So I next tried the instructions in the Installation section. This
time, everything seemed to run fine. Numerous files were copied into
python23\scripts and python23\Lib\site-packages\spambayes. However,
when it came time to run pop3proxy_service.py, I found that it had not
bee copied. After unzipping the installation files, it turns out that
pop3proxy_service.py is not in spambayes-1.06\scripts, whose contents
are copied into the Python scripts directory by setup.py. It is
in spambayes-1.06\windows, and this directory is apparently ignored by

I also tried running  setup_all.py from the windows subdirectory, with
no success.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.

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