[Spambayes] I Can't Install the POP3 Proxy In Windows XP

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Sep 26 02:04:58 EDT 2003

> >> Okay.... So, to install SpamBayes, am I supposed to follow
> >> the instructions under "For the Really Impatient", those 
> >> under "Installation", or either, or both?
> > Either.  Or both, but you'll end up doing some things twice.
> Okay. That's what I thought, but it wasn't really clear from 
> the way it was worded.

Could you suggest something that would be clear?  I'm not really sure
what to change it to, although I can see that it could be confusing.
"For the really impatient" and "Installation for the patient"?  An extra
paragraph at the top of the "Installation" section stating this?

> Is this just intended for one-time use? If you run it and 
> then delete the uncompressed archive files, as the 
> instructions say, of course it will be gone.

It only needs to be used once, to install it.  OTOH, if you ever want to
remove it, it's much easier to run "pop3proxy_service.py remove" than it
is to manually remove the service from the registry.  So it's a two-time
only use, I guess.  Maybe we should just install the windows directory,
too :)

=Tony Meyer

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