[Spambayes] POP3 Configuration

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Sep 26 02:29:36 EDT 2003

> So what I've 
> done is simply renamed the tray thingy to pyw extension and 
> started that from my start up folder.  Apparently it runs the 
> service when it starts up.

If it is installed, yes.  If not, then it runs sb_server in a separate
thread.  Either way, spambayes is available.

> This has been working fine for me. 


> The only problem is that the pythonw.exe takes up a whopping 
> 12 MB of memory, but I guess we have to make some sacrifices 
> to live life spam free.

Even just "while True: pass" takes up 3MB here, so 12MB isn't that much
considering that the tray app offers more than "while True: pass" does.
I'm sure that a lot of blame can be laid with Microsoft, and some with
the Python developers (but quietly, they listen here <wink>) for the
memory footprint, as well as with spambayes.  Note that IIRC if you use
a pickle rather than a dbm for storage, this is held in memory, so the
demand could rise quite a bit.

> This is not a criticism in any sense, but you may want to 
> consider an installer is with POPFile.  There was nice 
> installer that actually went through my outlook express 
> server settings and changed everything accordingly.

One of these is in the testing process now.  In fact, the 1.0a6
distribution comes with the autoconfigure.py script (in the windows
directory) which will configure various mail clients, including Outlook
Express; it's just not set up to be used by anything yet.  The
(SpamBayes) Outlook plug-in is far ahead of sb_server/pop3proxy here -
it's had an installer for ages, and even has a neat little wizard to
guide the user through initial training these days.

=Tony Meyer

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