[Spambayes] Compiled proxy as exe

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Sep 30 19:41:31 EDT 2003

> Could it be any chance to get the pop3proxy
> compiled as an exe?

We have done this, but just don't want the extra pain it will cause us :)
We need a "champion" or 2 who would be the "point person" for it.  Any

> Because i tried to get it running under Windows Xp Home Edition,
> and it just complains about something (forgot to copy that)

The "compiled" version is likely to work (and fail) in the same way as the
source code version, so you are likely to have the same problem.

> and is there a way compleatle being able to remove spambayes
> outlook-addin
> from..outlook?
> because it makes the loading/start-time get around 20 secs
> instead of 1-3
> secs to start.

Control Panel->Add Remove Programs will remove it, but you must delete the
SpamBayes toolbar in Outlook manually.

Are you sure SpamBayes is responsible for that slowdown?  No one else
reports anything similar.


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