[Spambayes] spambayes with multiple profiles

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Jul 14 01:59:33 CEST 2004

> Yeah, we really should talk to Sean about using a different 
> name for his "Application Data" directory. <0.5 wink>

I'm not sure what the 0.5 wink is winking at...surely InBoxer doesn't store
files in {App Data}\SpamBayes?

> But seriously, we do use a different convention for the 
> options configuration file, and AFAIK the bayes_database and 
> message_database files should be compatible.

I think we should ignore that.  Realistically, we want to move away from
bsddb, and InBoxer might want to put in other things, in the
message_database in particular.

> You can use the default configuration files by, er,
> default and provide the ability to create profile-specific
> versions (presumably by copying the default versions)
> for any profile for which the user requests it. That
> would be fully backwards-compatible for any user who 
> didn't want to go to the trouble.

This is more-or-less what I have in mind too: try to open up "{profile
name}_bayes_database.db" and "{profile name}_message_database.db" and if
they can't be found, use default_* if they are there, and if not (i.e. new
users) create new {profile name}_* ones.

> The question is, will everyone want to have separate
> databases for each profile or will we need a way to
> optionally share a single database across profiles?

I think, to start with at least, this can be like registering for all users
in that it has to be done manually.  If we use the above scheme, then if you
want to share the databases across profiles, all you have to do is rename
your {profile name}_* files to default_*.

(If 1.0 users want to switch to per-profile db's, they'll have to
remove/rename their files too, but that's just an item for the release

=Tony Meyer

(BTW I suppose if we discuss this more we should move to spambayes-dev, and
maybe Mark will notice and approve it, too).

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