[Spambayes] Slow filtering junk mails

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Nov 17 01:41:43 CET 2004

> I recently reformatted my harddrive and re-installed
> Windows XP, and put MS office and Spambayes back into
> the computer.   What I noticed is that the filtering
> processing has been very slow since installing Spambayes.
> I tried software upgrade and deleting the data files
> for Spambayes and it didn't solve the problem.  Any
> suggestions to proceed further with this?

My first suggestion would have been to remove the training data and retrain,
unfortunately, but since you've already tried that...

What's slow?  Just filtering the messages as they arrive in the inbox?
Clicking on the "Delete as spam" and "Recover from spam" buttons as well?
Starting up Outlook?

If it's just the former, then maybe it's just the background filtering
values?  If you go into the SpamBayes Manager dialog, then the Advanced tab,
you can adjust these.  If you're not using any Outlook rules, then you can
even disable background filtering altogether.

Otherwise - roughly how much slower would you say everything is?  Twice as
slow?  10 times as slow?  There have been a few (though not many) other
reports of slowness, which is concerning, but there's no obvious cause (at
least yet).  We're still looking into those, unfortunately...


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