[Spambayes] Outlook [still!] freezing every day

Tsombakos, John johnt at amileasing.com
Mon Oct 18 14:08:59 CEST 2004


I've installed the 1.0 version of Spambayes (Outlook plugin - Outlook 2000,
exchange server 5), but it is still freezing up Outlook. It doesn't happen
during the day and the junk mail flows in, just overnight.

It hung up this time almost right after I left work Friday and I had to
restart it this morning. The thing is, my email gets delivered to my
Personal Folders, spam and all, but Outlook doesn't respond when I try to
bring it to the front. I have to force kill it and restart, then let
SpamBayes go through the 300+ messages and pull the junk out.

My setup is I have personal folders that my email get delivered to - it
first comes to my Mailbox, then Outlook "delivers" the mail to my personal
folders. I then have some rules that move the messages to various
sub-folders.  I've tried different combinations of telling Spambays which
folder to scan - the Mailbox/Inbox (which is the Exchange server), the
Personal Folders/Inbox, and both. I've played with the background timer
settings - turning off, turning on, changing the delay times. But sometime
during the night, Spambayes just goes to la-la land, and takes Outlook with
it. I have to kill the Outlook task and restart.

Is there anything I can do? Are there suggested/recommended delay times to
use? It's driving me crazy having to have to restart outlook every day.

The Spambayes log does not show any errors - I've included the whole log
from when it froze this time.

Please, does anyone have any insight, anything I can check!! I really like
SB, when it works, it works well. But if I have to restart Outlook every
day, I might have to look elsewhere.

Thanks again

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