[Spambayes] RFE 774978

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 05:44:26 CEST 2004

[AVS <cocles at sbcglobal.net>]
> Please excuse me for emailing you guys directly.

Not at all -- this is what the spambayes list is *for*.  Feel free to post here.

> In regards to RFE 774978 "Hide envelope icon when only spam
> received".
> You site that this problem can not be fixed because "Outlook does
> not expose the hooks that are necessary to cleanly do this".
> My question is... Since you can not control outlook's systray
> notification system, why not give SpamBayes it's own independent
> systray notification system?
> Users could then download SpamBayes, turn off Outlook's notification
> system,and simply use the one integrated into the SpamBayes' add-
> in.
> Is this not possible?

It probably is.  Now who's going to do the work?  That's how Open
Source works.  I'm not going to do the work, because I get so much
email that the notification would *always* say "you have new mail". 
No notification system is of any conceivable use to me, so I have no
motivation to work on one, and couldn't test one easily even if I
wanted to.

In the Open Source world, this is called "scratching your own itches"
-- that's how Open Source software evolves.  Someone wants an
improvement, or new feature, enough to do the work of implementing it,
and then contributes it back to the project.  Or someone wants it
enough to pay someone to implement it.  Until one of those happens, it
won't get done.

You get the program for free, and the other side of that is that we
have no revenue.  This is a good thing <wink>, but it means nobody can
tell anyone what to work on.  What you get is what other people give.

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