[Spambayes] Compatibility problem with JoiExpress

Richie Hindle richie at entrian.com
Sat Sep 18 14:42:43 CEST 2004

> My ISP (Access4Less) offered a download accelerator called JoiExpress, 
> (http://www.myjoi.net/support/Faq/JoiExpress.htm) which I recently 
> installed.  SpamBayes was working well before.  Since installing 
> JoiExpress, SpamBayes continues to filter my mail, but when I try to Review 
> Messages, View Information, or Configure, Internet Explorer returns a 
> screen saying "Cannot find server", where the address listed is (e.g.) 
> http://localhost:8880/config.

JoiExpress has probably installed itself as a proxy for Internet Explorer,
meaning that Internet Explorer goes via JoiExpress for all your web
requests.  JoiExpress is failing to realise that 'localhost' is your own
machine rather than a machine on the internet  You need to tell Internet
Explorer not to go via JoiExpress for requests to 'localhost'.

In Internet Explorer, go Tools, Internet Options, Connections.  If you're
on dialup, select your ISP's name in the list and click Settings.  If
you're on broadband or a local network, click LAN Settings.  If the "Use a
proxy server" box is not checked, I'm wrong about all this.  Hopefully it
/is/ checked and you can click the Advanced button next to it.  In "Do not
use proxy server for addresses beginning with" add "localhost" (without
the quotes, and separated from any existing entries by a semicolon).
Click OK in all the dialogs, kill any Internet Explorers you have running,
start a new Internet Explorer, and try again.

Richie Hindle
richie at entrian.com

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