[Spambayes] IMAP Error: Must specify server details first

Keith Russell usr7-28hl at xemaps.com
Wed Sep 29 20:30:35 CEST 2004

I am using SpamBayes IMAP Filter Version 0.4 (May 2004) (source), 
with version 2.3.4 (#53, May 25 2004, 21:17:02) [MSC v.1200 32 
bit (Intel)] of Python; my operating system is Windows 5.1.2600.2 
(Service Pack 2).

I just installed SpamBayes and am trying to configure it. I 
brought up the configuration page and entered the name of my 
server, as well as my username and password. However, if I then 
click on "configure folders to filter" or "Configure folders to 
train" on the home page, I immediately get an error saying:

"Must specify server details first".

What am I missing?

Also, if I click on the link to create a help message and try to 
send it using the SpamBayes interface, it tells me:

"You will be unable to send this message from this page, as you 
do not have your SMTP server's details entered in your 
configuration. Please either enter those details, or copy the 
text below into your regular mail application."

However, I don't see a field on the configuration page for the 
SMTP details.

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but can someone help me out?

Thanks in advance.


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